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                            Development Path

                            The company was established at No. 2 Tianjiaqiao, Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou.


                            The company advanced the pre-clinical research of icotinib hydrochloride.


                            The company’s staff celebrated the completion of the pre-clinical studies of icotinib hydrochloride.


                            The company moved to Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone and established a manufacturing site.
                            Icotinib hydrochloride won the supports from the National Torch Program and the National Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund.


                            Beijing R&D Center was moved for the first time.
                            Icotinib hydrochloride received the support from the National 863 Program.


                            Beijing R&D Center celebrated its fifth anniversary.
                            The company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise for the first time.


                            The company held the groundbreaking ceremony of its headquarter in Hangzhou.
                            Icotinib hydrochloride won the special project support of National "New Drug Innovation".


                            Manufacturing of icotinib hydrochloride was successfully scaled up in 1,000 liters.
                            The clinical study of icotinib hydrochloride was completed clinical research and the industrial manufacturing was initiated.


                            The marketing launch of icotinib hydrochloride results was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and was hailed as a significant milestone in the Chinese healthcare industry.
                            Betta Pharmaceuticals academician site was established.


                            The company cooperated with the China Pharmaceutical Promotion Association to launch the Conmana patient assistance program.
                            Icotinib hydrochloride was listed in the 2012 Global New Drug R&D Catalogue as the first Chinese innovative drug to be enlisted.


                            The company and Amgen established a joint venture.
                            The results of the clinical study of icotinib hydrochloride were published in The Lancet Oncology.


                            The company signed a contract with Xcovery to jointly develop a new generation of ALK inhibitor ensartinib hydrochloride.
                            Construction of a new headquarter site was initiated.


                            R&D and commercialization of icotinib hydrochloride won the first prize of 2015 National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.
                            The company was appraised as China Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Site.


                            Betta Pharmaceuticals was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300558.SZ).
                            Icotinib hydrochloride won China Industrial Award.
                            The Chinese Academy of Pharmaceutical Innovation and Industrialization Forum was successfully held at the company's new headquarter.


                            Betta DreamWorks was officially established
                            Icotinib hydrochloride was listed on the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL).
                            The company reached a strategic collaboration with Tyrogenex.


                            Haichuang Park of Betta DreamWorks was officially opened.
                            Icotinib hydrochloride was listed on the Essential Drug List (EDL).
                            The NDA application of ensartinib hydrochloride was accepted by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).


                            Ensartinib hydrochloride was granted the priority review by the Center for Drug Evaluation of NMPA.
                            The clinical results of ensartinib hydrochloride were published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.
                            Icotinib hydrochloride was included in the General Drug Access Catalogue of National Medical Insurance (2019).


                            Award Honor
                            • 2020
                              The results for INCREASE Trial of Icotinib was published in Clinical Cancer Research
                              The registered clinical trial of Ensartinib was awarded "Top Ten Original Researches in Chinese Oncology"
                              The company was named on the Forbes’ list of Top 50 Most Innovative Enterprises in China The company was identified as "National Enterprise Technology Center"
                              The company won “Zhejiang Government Quality Management Innovation Award”
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, won "The 3rd Translational Medicine Outstanding Contribution Award"
                              · Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was named "National Advanced Individual in Anti-epidemic" by Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party
                            • 2019
                              Icotinib hydrochloride was ranked first on the “Innovative Technology” Top 10 list during the National Innovation Week.
                              The launch of icotinib hydrochloride in 2011 was listed in New China’s 70 years Healthcare Memorabilia.
                              The company was ranked third on the Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in the Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Industry.
                              The company won the title of Zhejiang Model Company.
                              The company was awarded the National Intellectual Property Model Enterprise.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was named “The Most Beautiful Zhejiang Person of the Year · Zhejiang Pride”.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was elected Chairman of Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Industry Association.
                            • 2018
                              The company was approved as the National Postdoctoral Research Site.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was awarded "Top 10" of Outstanding Overseas Chinese.
                              Quality Control Engineer Yaqin Gao won the National Labor Day Medal.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was named the Zhejiang Non-public Economic Personnel in the New Era of the Chinese Socialist Cause.
                              Quality Control Engineer Yaqin Gao won the title of Zhejiang Provincial Model Worker.
                            • 2017
                              The company was approved as the National Academician Site.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, won the National Innovation Award.
                              The company was rated as the “Four Strongest Provinces” leading enterprise.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, won the Zhejiang Innovation Talent Award.
                            • 2016
                              Icotinib hydrochloride (Conmana) won the highest award in China's industrial field——"China Industrial Award".
                              The company was rated as a National Intellectual Property Elite Enterprise.
                              The company won the annual Social Responsibility Brand Award on the China Charity Festival.
                              The company was approved as the leading Zhejiang Provincial Academician Site.
                            • 2015
                              The R&D and commercialization of icotinib hydrochloride won the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was awarded the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award as the lead contributor.
                              The company was awarded the China Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Site.
                              The company won the annual Social Responsibility Brand Award on the China Charity Festival.
                            • 2014
                              The patent for icotinib hydrochloride crystal form won the Gold Prize of China Patent Award.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was named the National Excellent Professional and Technical Talent.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was named the National Excellent Science and Technology Worker.
                            • 2013
                              The company won the Annual Charity Practice Award on the China Charity Festival.
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was appointed as the National Advanced Individual of Returned Overseas Chinese.
                            • 2012
                              The composition of matter patent of icotinib hydrochloride won the Gold Prize of China Patent Award.
                              The company’s R&D team of Ph.D. returnees won the China Overseas Chinese Contribution Award.
                              The company was rated as Zhejiang Key Enterprise Research Institute.
                            • 2011
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO,won the Outstanding Contribution Award for the implementation of the National Science Plan of the 11th Five-Year Plan.
                            • 2010
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO,won the China Overseas Chinese Contribution Award (innovative talent).
                            • 2009
                              The Phase IIb/III clinical trial of the anti-cancer drug EGFR kinase inhibitor – icotinib hydrochloride – for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer was supported by the National "New Drug Innovation" Science and Technology Initiative.
                            • 2008
                              The company was recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise for the first time.
                            • 2007
                              The anti-cancer drug EGFR kinase inhibitor – icotinib hydrochloride – for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was supported by the National High Technology Research and Development Initiative (863 Initiative).
                            • 2006
                              The development of the anti-cancer drug icotinib hydrochloride was supported by the National Torch Program.
                              The R&D of the new anti-cancer drug EGFR kinase inhibitor – BPI-2009H – was supported by the National Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund.
                            • 2005
                              Dr. Lieming Ding, Chairman and CEO, was named Zhejiang Excellent Entrepreneur.
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